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This book gives you everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the worst that could happen. With this guide you will be ready for any disaster scenario.
Disaster can strike at any time without warning. Most people aren't forward looking enough to prepare for the worst, and others simply don't have the skills needed to successfully prepare. That is where the Badass Preppers Handbook comes in. Covering a wide range of disaster scenarios with detailed instructions for what you need to do in each one, this book will help you be ready for anything in no time at all.
Learn such things as:
* How to fortify your home
* How to preserve and store food and water for years
* What should go in your bug out bag
* How to cook off the grid
* What firearms and ammo will best help you survive
* plus a lot more!

With this ultimate guide in disaster survival, you'll be ready to protect yourself, your family, your neighbours, and your pets.


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