Blackfire Clamplight Waterproof 1308

Blackfire Clamplight Waterproof 1308 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

The Blackfire Clamplight is Waterproof, it clamps, it pivots, it stands, and it floats.190 powerful Lumens and has a super bright white light. Great for camping, boating, fishing etc.
High performance blue composition construction with green trim and rubberised coating. Up to 190 Lumens on high and 75 lumens on low mode and Strobe mode. Waterproof to international standard IPX7. Uses three AAA batteries (not included)
The Clamplight weighs only 0.65lbs.
Is able to transform a normal flashlight into a clamp light, to stand light providing light where you need it and freeing up two hands to work. Clamplight Waterproof is like no other flashlight in the world!


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