BleedSolv 10 x 10cm Haemostatic Dressing 1317

BleedSolv 10 x 10cm Haemostatic Dressing 1317 | Survival Supplies Australia

BleedSolv 10 x 10cm Haemostatic Dressing 1317 | Survival Supplies Australia

BleedSolv 10 x 10cm Haemostatic Dressing 1317 | Survival Supplies Australia

BleedSolv 10 x 10cm Haemostatic Dressing 1317 | Survival Supplies Australia

BleedSolv 10 x 10cm Haemostatic Dressing 1317 | Survival Supplies Australia

BleedSolv 10 x 10cm Haemostatic Dressing 1317 | Survival Supplies Australia

BleedSolv 10 x 10cm Haemostatic Dressing 1317 | Survival Supplies Australia

BleedSolv 10 x 10cm Haemostatic Dressing 1317 | Survival Supplies Australia

Bleed Solv

Unique timing of three phases
The texture and initial solid state of
BleedSolv™ slows blood flow and
reduces the time in which thrombin is
released into the wound.

Bacteriostatic properties
Especially important in contaminated wounds or in body cavities where it is difficult or impossible to maintain a sterile field.

Rapid haemostasis
* Useful in extrinsic and intrinsic clotting pathways
* Increases platelet adhesion
* Increases whole blood adhesion
* Promotes activation of factor XII
* Reduces time to thrombin release
* Accelerates formation of fibrin cross-linkages
* Increases blood viscosity even where there are coagulation defects

Effective in

* Disseminated haemorrhage
* Profuse bleeding
* Burns
* Patients on certain medications
* Patients with impaired coagulation
* Patients with impaired function of the liver
* Patients with hypertension

Effective in the presenence of

Fast, Easy to use, All natural, bioabsorbable

* Haemophilia A (factor VIII deficiency)
* Haemophilia B or Christmas disease (factor IX deficiency)
* Haemophilia C (factor XI deficiency)
* Von Willebrand’s disease (absent or reduced levels of factor VIII)
* Thrombcytopenia (defective or decreased production of platelets)
* Disseminated intravascular coagulation of DIC (lack of clotting factors and platelets at the site where required)
* Hyporothrombinemia (deficiency in prothrombin or factor II)

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Product Description
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BleedSolv Topical Haemostatic Dressings are your fast, safe, effective, easy to use, requires no training, all natural, bio-absorbable and affordable solution to stop bleeding!

Used for: Frontline Care and First Aid, Workplace Accidents, High Risk and Remote Situation Preparedness, Major Trauma, Dental, Veterinary, Sport and Adventure.

First wherever bleeding occurs

Technology saving lives

Seconds count, not second chances

Haemorrhage is a major cause of fatality. Globally, one in seven deaths is attributed to traumatic injury. Forty percent (40%) of those trauma fatalities are due to haemorrhage and haemorrhagic shock. Most patients who reach hospital alive following serious trauma are suffering a bleeding disorder (coagulopathy), impairing
the blood’s ability to clot, when they die. Elevated prothrombin times (PT) indicate rapid haemorrhage and a steadily worsening state. Along with management of
hypothermia, resuscitation and blood volume, bleeding needs to be controlled quickly to improve outcomes and reduce morbidity and mortality due to haemorrhage and haemorrhagic shock. Early identification and appropriate management are essential.

BleedSolv™ Haemostatic Gauze

Chemical, biochemical & physical usefulness

BleedSolv™ haemostatic gauze is a collagen-like natural substance created from chemically treated cellulose. The material contains no chemical additives, thrombin or collagen and is hypoallergenic. When it comes in contact with blood, it expands
to 3-4 times its original size and converts to a gel that dissolves into glucose and saline. Because of its purity and the fact it simply degrades to these end-products, it does not cause significant delayed healing, as do other haemostatic materials that
may have a similar appearance.

The work of this product takes place in each of its three stages: absorbing, swelling, and dissolving. It starts as a solid, relatively rough surface to slow down bleeding, which allows certain clotting factors more time to spread through the wound. As it swells, it unites with platelets and the blood clot to create a 'plug' more rapidly to reduce or stop bleeding. Finally, BleedSolv™ reaches its soluble state where it continues to contribute to haemostasis and wound healing. Part of this product’s success is in the unique timing with which it passes through the three stages. BleedSolv™ is especially powerful because, unlike some other materials, it has a three-fold usefulness: 1) chemical, 2) biochemical, and 3) physical. As it contributes to haemostasis, if one of these three effects loses its capability, one or both of the others can continue working. This soluble material is much more potent than other insoluble substances on the market.

Stop in bleeding in seconds

* Stop bleeding fast
* Cost effective per use
* No additives or harsh chemicals
* All natural
* Easily conforms to wound shape
* Safe on all areas of the body
* Breaks down into carbohydrates
* Bacteriostatic properties
* Easily removed with water/saline
* Improves recovery times and outcomes
* Easy to use, no special training
* Range of products and sizes

The haemostatic process

After an injury to the body, platelets become activated – changing from a discoid to spherical shape and extending pseudopodia. They release enzymes that stimulate other platelets to activate, and chemicals that promote adhesion to blood vessel linings, collagen, glass, metal, fabric and to each other. Platelet aggregation is the property of platelets to clump with each other to form a platelet plug.

BleedSolv™, which is in a fabric-like state, increases platelet adhesion, thereby helping to promote clotting. This is similar to the adherence of platelets to damaged collagen (the fibrous protein found in connective tissue that underlies the endothelial cells).

Enhancing blood clotting with BleedSolv™
survival supplies australa

Blood coagulation is the replacement of a relatively unstable platelet plug with a stronger, more resilient blood clot through a series of interdependent, enzymemediated reactions that bring about the generation of thrombin and the formation of fibrin from fibrinogen. This is accomplished through intrinsic and extrinsic pathways.

The effectiveness of the intrinsic pathway is assessed with the activated partial thromboplastin time test (PPT). The effectiveness of the extrinsic pathway is assessed in the lab using prothrombin time test (PT). Research has demonstrated that PPT and PT are both decreased (clotting accelerated) with the presence of haemostatic gauze in the wound.

As BleedSolv™ gauze dissolves and comes into contact with iron in red blood cells, it forms negatively charged colloidal particles that promote the activation of coagulation factor XII. BleedSolv™ works faster than many other haemostatic agents, slowing the flow of blood and reducing the time for thrombin release. This increases platelet and whole blood adhesion rates, thereby improving haemostasis speed and function.

Technology at work for you

Clotting factors and enzymes
The enzyme form of clotting factor XII (factor XIIa) catalyses the conversion of factor XI to its enzyme form (factor XIa). Factor XIa catalyses the conversion of factor IX to the activated form factor IXa in a reaction that requires calcium ions. Factor IXa assembles on the surface of membranes in complex with factor VIII. The factor IXa/factor VIII complex requires calcium to stabilize certain structures on these proteins associated with their membrane-binding properties. Factor Xa forms a complex with factor V on membrane surfaces in a reaction that also requires calcium ions.

In research studies, haemostatic gauze not only adhered to calcium ions, but also because its surface area initially increases as it dissolves, it expanded contact surfaces with blood coagulation factors needing calcium, thus increasing effectiveness. BleedSolv™ helps stabilise new clots by accelerating clot formation thus promoting the aggregation of red blood cells. At the same time, BleedSolv™ helps restrict the loss of red blood cells and platelets, accelerating haemostasis. Unlike most other materials used for haemostasis, BleedSolv™ increases blood viscosity even in patients with coagulation defects. Laboratory in vitro procoagulant tests show BleedSolv™ haemostatic gauze promotes clotting in conditions with significant coagulation dysfunction.

Applications and Uses

Trauma and/or surgery in healthy, non-medicated patients with profuse bleeding.
Trauma and/or surgery for patients on certain medications:
* Aspirin—inhibit platelet aggregation by inhibiting the pathway of cyclooxygenase enzyme
* Anti-inflammatories—similar mechanism as aspirin but effect more limited
* Anticoagulants—inhibits synthesis of Vitamin K-dependent coagulation factors
* Antibiotics—altered intestinal flora that can decrease production of Vitamin K
* Anti-cancer drugs—patient may be on drugs that reduce the number of circulating platelets
Trauma and/or surgery for patients with:
* Liver damage from alcoholism—may have decreased production of liver dependent coagulation factors
* Non-alcoholic liver disease
* Primary hepatitis

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