Blizzard Light Survival Bivvy Blanket 5046

Blizzard Light Survival Bivvy Blanket 5046 | Survival Supplies Australia

Blizzard Light Survival Bivvy Blanket 5046 | Survival Supplies Australia

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The first Blanket & Bivvy Combination Survival Shelter! The Blizzard Light combines the ability to be a hypothermia prevention and treatment blanket, with the ability to be sealed using built-in adhesive strips to create a bivvy or sleeping bag. The adhesive creates the closure, but you can also re-open the constructed bivvy to make it a blanket again. This ability to be a blanket and a bivvy enables a wider variety of applications for the survivor to employ during various survival scenarios.

The Blizzard Light utilizes a two-layer Reflexcell material to create insulation between the environment and the survivor. Reflexcell technology has been adopted by the US Department of Defense, and now available worldwide. Reflexcell blocks heat loss more effectively than any other thermal emergency product.

Small and compact, the Blizzard Light fits in your hand. Barely noticeable in your pack or kit until you need it. But if you do need it, the Blizzard Light is one of your best defenses against hypothermia; one of the biggest killers you can encounter in the wild.

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* Weight: 9 oz.
* Dimensions Packed: 4.25 x 3.5 x 3.5 in
* Dimensions Opened: 7.55 ft. L x 6.43 ft. W (2.3m x 1.96m) (fully stretched)
* Color: Orange Outer/ Silver Inner


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