Boat and Water Safety Waterproof Guide 1341

Boat and Water Safety Waterproof Guide 1341 | Survival Supplies Australia

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The Boat and Water Safety Waterproof Guide is intended to provide a simplified overview of boating and water safety. The information in this guide is intended for reference only and is not intended to substitute professional training in either of these disciplines.
Filled with illustrations and pictures and are general guidelines for the safe operation of small boats and watercraft. This helpful waterproof guide covers the following areas:
* General Guidelines,
* Most Common Boating Violations
* Boating Basics
* Mooring/Docking
* Useful Knots
* Boat Traffic Signs
* General Boating Safety Guidelines
* Markers
* Boat - To - Boat Hand Signals
* Charts
* Navigation
* Navigation At Night
* Navigating With Restricted Visibility
* Weather
* Bad Weather Clouds
* Maritime Weather Warning Display Signals
* Boating Hazards
* Water skiing Safety
* Swimming Hazards
* First Aid
* Pre- Boarding Checklist


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