Brown Karli Throwstick

Brown Karli Throwstick | Survival Supplies Australia

Brown Karli Throwstick | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

Throwsticks are one of the most versatile, dependable, primal hunting tools on earth, now made out of hand crafted tough polycarbonate, used to make bullet proof glass. Tested flight range 95-115 metres.
Throwsticks are not boomerangs and they do not return.
The throwstick or Kylie, is an ancient yet scientifically advance hunting multi-tool which can be thrown at a target, maintains a straight and flat flight trajectory across great, open distances. It is capable of taking small and mid sized game out at ranges past 80 metres. The throwstick hunter does not have to worry about trajectory as he would with all other hunting weapons. With a Throwstick you throw directly at the target, whether it be long range or short range, and the Kylie goes straight towards it.
Most famously, aerodynamically advanced throwsticks were used as a hunting tool fairly exclusively throughout Australia by Aborigines. In each region of Australia, different traditions, designs and carving techniques were used, resulting in a tremendous variety of very functional, beautiful, and fine designs. The Australian outback where vast , flat, open spaces restrict the cover needed for close range staking of large game, a long range weapon was a necessity for the hunter. A throwstick is lightweight, yet packs a powerful blunt force punch that can kill game outright or wound it enough for you to walk up and finish it off. Throwsticks are capable of doing more than just hunting. Aborigines used their throwsticks to hunt, dig, cut, clear brush, climb, tend fires, start fire, and even make music and signal. Once you practice and get the hang of a Throwstick, you will never want to be without one, it is an amazing survival tool! This one has hand painted black and white dot pattern.

Product Specifications

* Hand crafted from tough polycarbonate
* Length: 632mm
* Weight: 312g
* Ideal for the sport thrower
* Level straight flight range approx.95-115 metres
* Fluted airfoil
* Smooth mid sized grip for comfort
* Excellent long range hard tuned
* The most versatile and accessible Kylie for a range
of throwers
* Dot art - hand painted


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