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Bug-Out Reality versus Hype is a thought provoking look at the topic of bugging-out. Is it the best choice for you, and if so, when is the best time?
This book reveals the reality of trying to get home when an emergency situation arises, making the decision whether to bug-in, or bug out, and examines various options if a situation requires you to evacuate from your home.
It provides the basics for decision making and what you will need based on the decision you make. It provides a realistic look at a topic that is often filled with hype.

Not all situations will require that you leave the safety of your home, which would automatically make you a Refugee.

This one is worth having in your Survival Library!

Chapters Include

* Impending Danger
* Don't Stand Out
* Getting Home
* Bugging-In
* Bugging-Out
* What You'll Need
* Skills before Gear
* Everyday Carry
* Get-Home Bags
* Bug-In Supplies
* Bug-Out-Bags
* Bug-Out - Vehicles
* Bug- Out Location
* A Realistic View
and more.


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