Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle 1396

Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle 1396 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Outfit a Disaster Escape Vehicle, if an unexpected disaster forces you to suddenly evacuate from your home, is your vehicle equipped to drive you to safety?
This book shows you how and enables to help you drive from ground zero to a safer location. It details from start to finish everything you need to equip an everyday vehicle for a drive through and away from disaster-stricken areas, from survival supplies and storage solutions to off-road travel, communication, navigation, and security considerations.
You will find in this book:
* Practical and affordable Bug Out Vehicle equipment and principles that can be applied to any vehicle, even your everyday family car.
* Photos and explanations of every item you need for your vehicle.
* Resource lists to help you find and purchase gear.

You'll also find special considerations for bugging out using alternative modes of transportation including bicycles, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, horses, carts, aircraft and more. A disaster can strike your home at any moment. Don't be trapped in the devastating aftermath. Quickly transport yourself and your family to safety by building a Bug Out Vehicle Today!


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