Burn Free Dressings 4 inch x 4 inch 1402

Burn Free Dressings 4 inch x 4 inch 1402 | Survival Supplies Australia


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BurnFree Needs To Be In Your First Aid Kit! BurnFree Sterile Burn Dressings are designed for first aid use on all types of burn injuries. The dressings are constructed of a special, soft, open-cell foam saturated with the BurnFree solution. This foam holds 50 times its weight in gel. This means that more pain relieving and cooling gel will reach burn wounds. The 4x4 BurnFree dressing is the most popular size for burn kits. It is a standard size that seems to work for most burn applications, and is a great size for burns on the hand. This size dressing should be kept in personal first aid kits as well as all industrial first aid kits.


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