Bush Guide Hatchet and Skinner Combo 4525

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Made by Timberline and designed by Russ Kommer this handy set includes 1 Bush Pilot Survival Hatchet and 1 Alaskan Bush Guid Skinner Knife. Both have their own nylon sheaths. The Hatchet is made from 440 stainless steel and overall length is 228mm (9 inches) with a 102mm cutting edge length (4 inches) and a .250 inch blade thickness. The handle material is Zytel and it is full tang construction. It also has a Peg Puller feature. The weight without the sheath is 1.22 lb.
and the nylon sheath comes with an anti-slip belt loop.
The bush Guide Skinner is made of 440 Stainless Steel, is 8-3/4 inches long with an 3-1/2 inch cutting edge and .250 inch blade thickness with full tang construction. It weighs .76 lb. without the sheath.
The sheath is nylon with an anti-slip belt loop. The handle material is Zytel.
The total weight or the knife and hatchet is 2.29 lbs about 1 kg.
This hatchet/skinner combo is designed for your back country adventure whether in the Tundra's of Alaska or in the bush in Australia. It prepares you for all skinning, quartering, camp chores, and good in a survival situation. Designed by Alaskan big game guide Russ Kommer, to handle the demands he encountered every day skinning and quartering Moose, Caribou, Elk, and Black Bear. Made from premium materials by skilled craftsman that will give you a lifetime of service.
This set is hard to beat and hard to find available, we only have limited quantities, when they are gone, they are gone!


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