CAT G7 Tourniquet Orange 1495

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Product Description

The CAT G7 Tourniquet is the fastest, safest, and most effective pre-hospital field tourniquet in the world.
It has 7 amazing features that distinguishes it form all others.
Single Routing Buckle
* Faster application
* Effective slack removal
* Decreased blood loss
* Fewer windlass turns
* Simplified training with single protocol directions
for all applications.
Windlass Rod
* Increased diameter
* Enhanced strength
* Aggressive ribbing
* Improved grip
Windlass Clip
* Bilateral entry
* Rapid windlass lock
* Bilateral buttress
* Added strength
Windlass Strap
* Sonic welded to clip for constant contact
Stabilization Plate
* Reinforced, bevelled contact bar
Red Tip Technology
* Red elliptical tip
* Added visual cue for application
Free Moving Internal Band
* Patented band within a band
* True evenly distributed circumferential pressure
Colour: Fluro Orange


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