Chamomilo Lice Buster Lice Nits Spray 5160

Chamomilo Lice Buster Lice Nits Spray 5160 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

Chamomilo Lice Buster is an anti-lice and nits spray for treating head lice. The product contains Dimethicone - a silicone based polymer which is proven as fast acting against lice and nits. Dimethicone is harmless to the human eyes and skin, and is not absorbed by the body. It is also widley used by the cosmetics industry. Contains 90% Dimethicone - the highest concentration available in the market, making it highly efficient and very effective. The product does not contain any chemical pesticides, and is based on a physical process which suffocates the lice and nits and destroys them. Chamomilo Lice Buster is safe for children aged two years and above, and has a pleasant chamomile scent. The spray is in a 120ml. bottle.


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