Condor Tactical Rescue Tomahawk 1620

Condor Tactical Rescue Tomahawk 1620 | Survival Supplies Australia

Condor Tactical Rescue Tomahawk 1620 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

Whether you are in the bush or in a suburban emergency situation the Condor Tactical Rescue Tomahawk will do the job every time. You have no worries of this thing falling apart in your hands. It is razor sharp and chops through wood really well and takes out a decent bite, but the other end can be used to break through just about any material when needed to.
It has been hardened and tempered back to Rockwell 56-58. This Condor is powder coated German High Carbon 1075 Steel and is just perfect for the application it is intended for.

You can easily spend $200 - $400 on a good tactical tomahawk and it would be no better then this one.

Comes with a quality Leather heath and represents good value for the money.

Product Specification

* Overall Length: 17 inches
* Head Dimensions: 7 inches
* Blade Material: 1075 High Carbon Steel; Forged
* Blade Finish: Epoxy Black Coating
* Handle: Wrapped with Paracord
* Sheath: Handcrafted Welded Leather
* Weight: 2.03 Lbs.
* Made in El Salvador


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