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The old ways of trapping and snares are forgotten by most today and the times to remember them are once again upon us in these times of economic and disaster uncertainty. This old style survival book of trapping and snaring lore, contains one of the greatest descriptive and applicable primitive and modern ways of acquiring game for food and sustenance. The book was originally publish in 1907 and has been painstakingly digitalized and not a cheap scan like some offer which is blurry and hard to read. This volume contains information on building deadfalls, snaring with bits of string you can find or using commercial grade wire snares, portable traps etc. Learn about trap and snare triggers, trip triggers, how to set, when to build, where to build, the proper bait, what to do about traps knocked down. Spring ploe snares, trail set snares, bait set snares, the box trap, pit trap, number of traps you should use, when to trap, seasons catch and loads of general information. information on skinning and stretching, handling and grading, from animal to market.


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