Edible Weeds and Garden Plants 1761

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This terrific guide book to identifying and eating from the abundant variety and availability of nutritious weeds and garden plants that are edible is astounding and an incredibly important survival skill to have and understand.

In this book Doris Pozzi clearly shows you what to look for and it is filled with numerous well photographed pictures so you could not make any mistakes in identifying good food that is there for the picking. No matter how bad your financial situation becomes, you can find food and medicine in the form of weeds and plants that are right under your nose and often regarded as rubbish or pests that should be pulled out and thrown away. SSA staff have gone on one of Doris' Hello Little Weed Walks and we can testify what an eye opener it is. Once you read this you will never take a stroll around your neighbourhood and see things quite the same again. Good food sources are often right under your feet, you just need to understand what a treasure trove we have at our fingertips and you can enjoy the benefits straight away. We highly recommend this book. Foraging is a pastime you can really learn and appreciate to participate in!

Even though the Title of this guide is called Edible Weeds and Garden Plants of Melbourne, these plants that originate mainly from Europe can be found throughout Australia in the wild and in gardens.


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