Endurance Survival Kit 4 Person

Endurance Survival Kit 4 Person | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

The Endurance Survival Kit contains a wide variety of items assembled to ensure that you survive in an emergency. The items are of higher quality to endure harsh conditions and many uses.

Product Contents

You get:
1 x Mayday Backpack (Black with Yellow writing)
4 x Mayday 3600 Calories Food Bar (up to 5 years)
4 x LifeStraw Water Filter
1 x AMK Ultralight and Watertight .7 first Aid Kit
1 x Lensatic Compass
1 x 4 in 1 Dynamo Torch, Radio, Siren, Mobile Phone
1 x Mora Heavy Duty Fluro Knife
1 x Mini Inferno Fire Starter
1 x UCO Waterproof and Windproof Matches
1 x 30 FT. Gorilla Duct Tape
1 x 100 Ft, 7 Strand 550 lb. Paracord Safety Orange
1 x UST StarFlash Signal Mirror
1 x UST JetScream Whistle
4 x AMK x HeetSheet one person


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