Esee Advanced Pro Survival Kit 1799

Esee Advanced Pro Survival Kit 1799 | Survival Supplies Australia

Esee Advanced Pro Survival Kit 1799 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

The Professional Survival Pocket Kit designed by Esee in association with U.S. Government Agents working on overseas missions. It contains tools for survival as well as tools to help the user escape and evade hostile forces. It can be used in conjunction with a knife/multi-tool and weapon system, or as a stand alone kit. Small enough to be carried on the person at all times when working or travelling in potentially hostile environments. Contents carried in a Cordura nylon PSKT pouch (5 inch x 3.75 inch x 1.5 inch)
A great kit to have in an emergency.

Product Contents

* Cordura Nylon PSKT Pouch
* Pencil
* Mini Pry Bar
* Survival Saw Blade with Handle
* Original SAS Wire Saw
* Surgical Scalpel with handle
* Button Compass
* Rescue Whistle
* P38 Can Opener
* Signal Mirror with aiming screen
* Ranger Fire Starting Flint
* Tinder Tabs
* Water Treatment Tablets
* Fresnel Lens Magnifier Starter
* Utility Wire
* MilSpec Cord
* AlokSak
* Personal Survival Fishing Kit
* Disposable Handcuff Key
* First Aid Kit
* Lip Balm
* Sting Relief
* Sun Screen
* Insect Repellent Wipes
* Plus More vital First Aid Supplies
* Weighs 0.6 lbs.
* Quality made in the USA by Esee


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