Esee Junglas ll 4014

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Product Description

The Junglas ll is the same as the original Junglas but now offered in a more compact version that is two inches shorter than the original. It's still a decent size knife. The Junglas is named after the Colombian Jungla Compania Jungla Antinarocoticos special operations forces and was originally designed as a cross between a fixed blade knife and a machete to be employed in Latin American jungle and counter-narcotics operations. The original Junglas now sees service with counter-narcotics operators, adventures and woodsmen globally.

Product Specifications

* Overall Length: 14.5 inches
* Cutting Edge Length: 7.75 inches
* Overall Blade Length: 8.38 inches
* Blade Width: 2 inches
* Weight: 19.8 ounces
* Maximum Thickness: .188 inch
* 1095 Carbon Steel
* * Removable Micarta Handles
* Hammer Pommel


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