Fill 2 Pure Water Pump 1838

Fill 2 Pure Water Pump 1838 | Survival Supplies Australia

Fill 2 Pure Water Pump 1838 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Apart from treating Bacteria, Virus and Water borne Parasites, this amazing Straw removes,Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury, Aluminium and more.
Removes 99.99% of the following Bacteria:
* E-Coli
* Salmonella
* Shigella
* Vibrio Cholerae
* Campylobacter
* Salmonella Typhi
Plus 99.99 % of the following Parasites:
* Giardia Lamblia
* Entamoeba Histolytica
* Cryptosporidium Parvum
Plus 99.9% of the following Virus:
* Enteroviruses
* Norovirus
* Rotavirus
* Hepatitis A
Plus 99.9% of the following Heavy Metals:
* Arsenic
* Lead
* Mercury
* Copper
* Zinc
* Aluminium
* Chromium 6
* Fluoride (up to 90%)
Plus 99.9% of the following Chemicals:
* Benzene Chloroforms (THM's)
Plus 99.9% of the following Radiological contaminants:
* Gross Beta
* Radon 222
* Alpha Radium 226
* Uranium
* Plutonium
* Cesium 134 and 137

This filter gives you great all round protection!
Can be used with any water source (except salt water) to provide clean drinking water.
Package contains:
Pump to pure kit in carry bag. Filter life 100 gallons Filter Life 378.54 (Litres)
Increases pH balance up to 9.5
Contains Multi-Stage Advanced Pre-Filter
Dual Supreme Purification
The pump can be adapted for use with the SE-2 Dual Tower unit, and can also be used with the Inline Supreme Filter. In either application simply submerge the pre-filter under the surface water and pump to create a flow of water out of the black tube. Water that has passed through the system is potable to drink.
Seychelle Water Filtration at its best!


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