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Fire - Volume 1 is the most comprehensive, yet easy to follow, presentation on the three classic primitive fire making techniques: Flint and Steel, the Bow Drill, and the Hand Drill.
This video features a unique step-by-step approach to teach you each of these techniques in three stages: first at home using modern tools (to help you quickly succeed and gain confidence) ; second using only a knife and whatever you can find (this is likely the type of situation you would be in if you ever really needed to make fire without matches); and finally, the truly primitive way, using no modern tools or materials of any kind.

Flint and Steel: This is the traditional way that pioneers and mountain men made fire in the 17th and 18th centuries. Learn to make char cloth, find alternatives to flint, and even how to make fire by simply striking two stones together!

Bow Drill: This is the rub two sticks together method used since prehistoric times. Learn to make fire with a set cut from lumberyard wood and, eventually with nothing but what nature provides. Imagine being lost anywhere in the world, yet still able to start fire for cooking and comfort!

Hand Drill: Although more difficult to master than the Bow Drill, this technique was preferred by ancient people due to its simplicity. Learn to gather the materials anywhere, even in a city. Tips and tricks are revealed to help anyone master creating fire with this ancient technique!


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