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550 Firecord is the next evolution in outdoor gear preparedness. 550 parachute cord or paracord has been the standard go to for most cordage needs as it has tons of utility. From zipper pulls and handles to keychains, bracelets and lanyards and as simple as lashing.
Now imagine if you could also use your paracord as fire tinder, this is where 550 Firecord was born. The Fire preparedness solution that will ensure you are always prepared.
Firecord is also Waterproof!
Fire is paramount to survival and being able to create fire is crucial. People have a tendency to overestimate their ability to create fire under adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, cold, windy locations or darkness. Humidity, time of year, and altitude are also conditions to consider as well. Likewise, material selection is a key prerequisite to successfully building a sustainable fire. Even then there is no guarantee it can be accomplished in a survival situation.

The most vital component of fire is its ability to provide heat to dry wet clothes and to regulate the body's core temperature as maintaining body temperature
is vital for survival. The most common cause of death in the wild is hypothermia. Even in desert scenarios, freezing night temperatures have been know to claim lives.
Aside from the above mentioned physical aspect, fire can offer mental comfort as the light and smoke can be used for signal rescue and it can be used as a predator and insect deterrent.

Fire will also contribute greatly to food and water preparation. The heat will kill the majority of parasites and bacteria when cooking game, fish, insects and wild edibles. The smoke will dry and preserve food for later use. Having a hot meal can also boost the mental state giving you a psychological edge. This is an incredible multi-purpose product that can save your life. Comes in a 25 foot length and is a life line in the bush.


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