FirePen Pro Plus 1865

FirePen Pro Plus 1865 | Survival Supplies Australia

FirePen Pro Plus 1865 | Survival Supplies Australia

FirePen Pro Plus 1865 | Survival Supplies Australia

FirePen Pro Plus 1865 | Survival Supplies Australia

FirePen Pro Plus 1865 | Survival Supplies Australia

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FIREPEN — a pocket-sized innovative metal cutting product.

No access to electricity, acetylene or oxygen, but you need to cut or weld metal? FIREPEN is your solution!

FIREPEN is the latest scientific development with no analogues in the world. Its unique chemical composition makes it possible to cut through fittings, steel ropes, grills, pipes and other metal products in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is light a FIREPEN with a match.

With combustion temperature of 2800 °C, start up in less than 5 seconds and no special training required, FIREPEN is indispensable in extreme conditions and for emergency evacuation.

It’s very useful in inaccessible areas; during works of elimination of consequences of natural and industrial disasters; in absence of electricity; when electric or gas welding equipment is not possible to use. FIREPEN works under water!


* Burning time — 26 seconds.
* Weight — up to 100 gr.
* Length — 300 mm.
* Diameter— 15 mm.
* Combustion temperature — 2800 ° C
* Ignition temperature — 1300 ° C
* Enhanced Durability - FirePen Pro Plus is more durable than the FirePen Pro and can be dropped from 2 metres and remain intact.

One FIREPEN can cut up to 16-18 mm thick material.

Other Information


Keep your FIREPEN away from open flames, in a dry place and original package. Avoid the possibility of mechanical damage.

Storage temperatures: between + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C ; humidity: below 65%.


Each FIREPEN packed in one plastic case.

The "start" of FIREPEN requires a temperature of 1300°C, which provides a special match. Match is included in each package rolled in a special protection material.


FIREPEN is explosion-proof and fireproof! It cannot be launched by «simple» fire. While working with the product, protect your hands from sparks with canvas gloves and your eyes with safety glasses (dark sunglasses can be used).

Chemical Details

* Chemical Name: Iron- Aluminum Products
Compressed mixture of ferric oxide with aluminum powder (Al) in a stoichiometric ratio.
Chemical Composition:
The final composition is calculated before each shift - main components :
The iron oxide is 5 % -75 %
Nickel oxide is 0 % -70 %
Alumina 10 % -50 %
compression mode 1800-2200 n / sm2

Hazard Identification:
Symptoms of exposure are not known ( non-toxic material is not absorbed by the skin ,
does not cause respiratory tract irritation , eye irritation )

Physicochemical properties:
* Physical state: Solid
* Density: Density - 2.4 to 2.8
* Color: Grey
* Odor: None
* Ignition temperature: 1260,Ń
* Combustion temperature: 2800. C
* Burning time items : 26 sec
stability and reactivity:
* Chemical stability : stable

Measures and Means of Fire / Explosion: /
* Ignition Temperature: 1260.Ń
* Extinguishing Method: Sand, asbestos cloth

Measures taken during emergency situations:
* Waste products that result from combustion must be collected and transported in accordance with national law.

Rules of Storage Products and Handling During Loading Unloading

Storage of Product:
* Products must be stored in proper storage spaces, which exclude: the impact of rain and corrosive environments at temperatures ranging from 2 degrees to 40 and humidity of 80 %.

Transport of Product
* Conditions of carriage for products must comply with Standards of precautions taken during safe production.

Physical Characteristics

* Weight: 132 Grams
* Length: 170 mm
* Oval: 14mm -21,2mm
* Package: 300mm-24mm-20mm
* Assembled: 450mm-24mm-20mm


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