Flood Survival Guide 1885

Flood Survival Guide 1885 | Survival Supplies Australia

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With this guide you will learn how to prepare and survive a flood event, whether you are located in the city , suburbs, or in a rural,secluded location. Learn how to prepare your home to withstand a flood. Understand the flood potential of your area. Know what to expect concerning system failures, water failures, gas failure. What you can do about personal risks such as injury, looting and theft, isolation and restricted movement. Making an Action Plan and being aware of the safest place you can be to endure a flood and practicing your response is critical to preparation. This guide teaches you how to prepare a survival kit for each individual in your family. How to look after the elderly, sick, infants, and family pets.

How to react when indoors and a flood strikes or what about if you are outdoors or in a car or caravan, how will you respond? Preparation is the key and this waterproof guide will help you be prepared if a flood comes crashing through your neighbourhood.


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