Gatco Super Micro X Knife Sharpener 1917

Gatco Super Micro X Knife Sharpener 1917 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

The Super Micro X design allows you to quickly resharpen folding, fixed blade and serrated knives with minimum effort. The Gatco Super Micro X Knife and Serration Sharpener has two grades of abrasive sharpening rods. The medium grade dark rods should be used first to reshape the bevel of a dull blade. The white ultra fine rods are provided to put the final polished sharp edge on the blade.

Product Features

* Sharpens plain and serrated blades
* Two medium sharpening rods
* Two fine sharpening rods
* Pre-set sharpening angle for easy use
* Slip resistant grip pads
* Compact and Light weight
* Fast - safe - easy to use
* Alumina ceramic sharpening rods
* Key ring hole



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