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Product Description

Need to build a life saving fire in the dark?
Sick of fumbling around trying to find your Fire Steel in a pitch black situation, here is the answer for you.
The Glowing Pathfinder Survival Fire Steel will not let you down.
It is reliable and is a compact fire starting system that will work in any weather conditions. Robust and built to last, it glows in the dark so it's easy to find. Drop this in the darkest of bush and you will find it easily. The glow in the dark green case has a Striker, Ferrocerium Rod, and comes with a handy tinder compartment. The Pathfinder Survival Fire Steel is a must for every survival pack.

Product Specifications

* Case Embossed with the Pathfinder Logo
* Case has a compartment for storing tinder of your choice.
* An adjustable lanyard connecting the Striker and Ferro Rod.
* Striker is made of Tungsten Carbide
* Ferro Rod is 1/2 inch in Diameter


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