H and H Burn Dressing Combat Cravat 2023

H and H Burn Dressing Combat Cravat 2023 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

This Dry Sterile Burn Dressing and Super Combat Cravat is made from two layers of Spunbond Polypropylene, 45 inch x 45 inch x 63 inch and has 2 sewn reinforcement seams and high strength polyester lock stitched located off of each edge 1/4 inch from the edge and 1/4 inch apart. For added reinforcement a 1/2 inch twill trim surrounds the cravat. The dressing material meets TCCC guidelines for burns.
The dressing is sterile, non-adherent and is vacuum packaged in a 5 mil nylon poly barrier bag. It is 33 per cent larger than the available cravats and, after vacuum sealing is 50 per cent smaller in cube then present products available on the market. The package contains 2 number 3 closed safety pins and a rubber band separately packaged in a mil nylon poly bag.


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