Hydro Kit- Survival Plant Water Solar Still 2063

Hydro Kit- Survival Plant Water Solar Still 2063 | Survival Supplies Australia

Hydro Kit- Survival Plant Water Solar Still 2063 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

The age old practice of extracting potable water from plants
is maximized using this kit by the incorporation of optically clear, high density 25 gallon water extraction bags that allow up to 92% sunlight penetration. Essentially, plants release water to the atmosphere by the process of transpiration, triggered by exposure to certain wavelengths of light. The proper use of these bags allows that water vapour to be captured, condensed, and collected for the survivor to drink. If not needed for water procurement, the bags can be used in emergency shelter construction and protection from the elements.
Small and lightweight, the kit is a valuable addition to your survival or emergency preparedness kit.

Kit Contents
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3 x 25 Gallon Special Formulation Extraction Bags; 1.5 mil,
high strength special formulation bags that allows high transmission of sunlight in the range of 88% to 92%. UV stabilized for a minimum of one month with special inhibitors that do not absorb any portion of the sun light to allow the maximum amount of solar energy through the film. All resins and additives used in the film comply with Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulation, FDA, for contact with food.
1 x 42oz. Water Pouch. Mylar/PET film, re-sealable, stand-up. Used to Collect water obtained from the stills, and to collect water from other available sources while the stills are in operation.
1 x Special Formulation Drinking - Tubing 6 inch. Enables drinking extracted water without disturbing the still.
* Ultraviolet Light Resistant
* Moisture and Fungus Resistant
* NSF 61 Listed for Use with Potable Water
1 x Roll of 2 inch x 4ft. 100 MPH tape
*Better adheres to objects that vibrate, pull, or twist
* Better able to be taken off an object, and re-applied
* Stronger than regular duct tape
* Adhesive more stable over time, comes off cleaner
* Better able to wrap on itself
* Holds through sunlight, heat, cold, snow, and rain
* Allows for easy sealing of the extraction bags to be
airtight, and re-sealing of bags once opened to extract
1 x Instructions for use.

Product Specifications
survival supplies australa

* Weight: 6.5oz.
* Size: 6 inches x 10 inches x 2 inches


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