Improvised Trapping DVD 2068

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Part of the Make Ready to Survive Series, the Improvised Trapping DVD does just that! The ability to trap food can be a critical factor in keeping you alive in a survival situation.
Knowing what animals can be found in your area is crucial and also which traps will work, how to built and set them, are all important skills that are essential. Dave Canterbury is a master woodsman with over 20 years experience working in many dangerous environments. His common sense approach to survivability is recognised as one of the most effective systems of teaching known today. In this video, Dave reviews the types of prey you can trap, trap locations and strategy, trapping equipment, building a bird trap, mouse trap, deadfall traps, spring snares, nets, fish traps, and more. With these basic concepts you will dramatically improve your odds of success in the wild. Essential viewing.


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