Israeli 6 inch Trauma Dressing

Israeli 6 inch Trauma Dressing | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

The 6 inch Israeli Bandage with Pressure Bar is one of the finest bandages of its kind in the world. It is made for quick and easy application and self application. Designed with the end user in mind, for the first-aid trained and the lay person.
The emergency bandage consolidates numerous treatment equipment into a single unit and provide in one device :
* Non- adherent pad, eliminating the risk of causing pain and having the wound re-open upon removal of the bandage.
* Pressure Applicator: Creating the immediate direct pressure to the wound site.
* Secondary Sterile Dressing: Keeping the wound area clean and maintaining the pad and pressure on the wound firmly in place., including immobilization of the injured limb or body part.
* Closure Bar: Enabling closure and fixation of the Emergency Bandage at any point, on all parts of the body; no pins and clips, no tape, no Velcro, no knots.


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