Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter 2134

Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter 2134 | Survival Supplies Australia

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1 Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter
1 Anticlog Microfilter Cartridge
1 Removable Filter Protextor
2 Quick Connect Hose Sets
1 Hydration Connector
1 Intake Hose with Modular Prefilter
1 Output Hose with Universal Bottle Adaptor
1 Deluxe Carry Bag
Pleated Cartridge: more surface area than any other microfilter; does not require cleaning
Removable Filter Protextor: extends cartridge life in challenging conditions
Efficient pump design: provides 1 litre of water per minute
Ergonomic pump handle: comfortable and eay to pump
Quick Connect Fittings: for easy installation and removal of input and ouptput hoses; also allows direct attachment to drink tube (1/4" ID) of hydration packs
Activated Cargon Core: reduces unpleasant tastes and odors from water
Hydration Connector: additional fitting for easy filling of hydration packs


Technology: 0.3 micron pleated glassfiber removes bacteria, cysts and sediment
Output: Approximately 1 quart (1 litre) per minute with 48 easy strokes
Capacity: Up to 200 gallons (750 litres) on 1 cartridge (depending upon water quality); use of included Filter Protector will extend cartridge life
Weight: 11 ounces
Size 6.5 x 3 inches
Host Length: 36 inches

Product Description

According to Backpacker Magazine, the Katadyn Hiker Water Filter is the "unrivaled best in terms of field use."


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