Kevlar 80 LB. 500FT Spool 2143

Kevlar 80 LB. 500FT Spool 2143 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

Kevlar 80LB tensile strength is 8 strand braided Kevlar base with a light silicon oil coating. 500 FT. on a Spool it has numerous survival applications.
Current applications used for: Trip Wire, Fishing line, sewing thread, single string kite flying.

Product Specifications

* Core Material: Kevlar
* Coating: PTFE
* Denier: 1.698.17
* Yield per LB. (7885FT)-(2403.03m)
* Tensile Strength (LBS) : 85.0
* Elongation: under 3.0%
* Diameter: (0.019in.) - (0.48mm)
* Production Colour: Olive Green


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