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Product Description

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is a personal water filter that ensures no matter where you go, you will have instant access to safe drinking water. It's lightweight and compact, which makes it perfect for hunting, hiking, and fishing.

You can drink directly from lakes, rivers, or your water bottle. Simply put the lower part of the straw in the water, and sip through the other end.

Life Straw filters up to 264 gallons (1,000 litres) to 0.2 microns, which removes dangerous bacteria and protozoa. The removal rate exceeds EPA standards for water filtration.

Used in the harest conditions on earth, the LifeStraw was developed as an emergency relief tool to provide access to clean water to people affected by conflict or disasters. LifeStraws are supplied to government and aid groups around the world.

Product Features

* Filters up to 264 gallons (1,000 litres) to 0.2
* Removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (> LOG 6
* Removes 99.9% of waterborne protoan parasites ( > LOG
3 reduction).
* Very Lightweight, weighs just 2 oz. (57 grams).

Product Specifications

* Length: 8.75 inches
* Width: 1 inch
* Weight: 2 ounces
* Construction: Durable plastic. Does not need
replacement parts or batteries or chemicals
* Included: Comes with a lanyard, and a cap for the
mouth piece and end piece


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