Mountain Survival Kit Tin 2392

Mountain Survival Kit Tin 2392 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

This Survival Kit contains many good items to have whether climbing mountains, hills, or even gullys.
It is easy to use and is very useful to have for that unexpected emergency. It's lightweight and compact and amazing how they can fit so many goodies into on small tin, but they can.

Tin Contents

* Matches
* Candle
* Fishing hooks
* Handle
* Compass
* Razorblades
* Fireball Flint and Striker
* Cotton Wool
* Thread
* Wire Saw
* Water Carriers
* Buttons
* Water Purifying Tablets
* Snare Wire
* Needles
* Safety Pins
* Mirror
* Whistle
* Emergency Form
* Adhesive Dressing
* Masking Tape
* Knife
* Survival Instructions

Product Specifications

Weight : 220 grams
Size: 11 x 8 x 2.8 cm.


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