Ontario M11 EOD System 2491

Ontario M11 EOD System 2491 | Survival Supplies Australia

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This is a special knife, scabbard and overall system!
Quality made by Ontario specifically for the US Army.
The M11 EOD System is an explosive ordinance disposal knife. It is 12-1/8 inches in overall length, sports a 7 inch black finish 420 stainless blade with sawback. Grooved coyote tan finish Kraton handle. Black finish steel guard and pommel. Molded coyote tan thermoplastic nylon scabbard with snap closure, wire cutter, and universal military quick-release holster. It weighs 1.75 lbs. (0.7940kg). It is a wonderful knife and military system. Good for all round use in the bush for survival situations, tough as nails.


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