The Outdoor Survival Handbook 3107

The Outdoor Survival Handbook 3107 | Survival Supplies Australia

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This is the ultimate guide to life-saving techniques. It helps you stay alive and healthy in the wilderness. It is a practical handbook on how to cope with all kinds of survival scenarios, with detailed visual instruction and step by step sequences for every situation. It features expert, easy to follow step by step advice on key life preserving skills and techniques with 1001 tips and over 650 photographs and illustrations. It offers professional tuition from someone who has endured these situations, toughed it out mentally and physically, and can explain all you need to know to help you survive.

It contains everything you need to know about survival, building shelters, wilderness navigation and rescue strategies, making fire, sourcing water, flint knapping, tracking and hunting for animals, foraging for food and much more.

Traditional wilderness skills are fully illustrated: making hunting tools and natural cordage, essential pottery and basketry, primitive and modern trapping and fishing techniques, plus practical natural wild food cooking.


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