Perry McGee Pro Tracker 2578

Perry McGee Pro Tracker 2578 | Survival Supplies Australia

Perry McGee Pro Tracker 2578 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

The Pro Tracker Knife by expert Tracker Perry McGee is a masterpiece of design and purpose. Perry McGee is a living legend and expert tracker from the National Tracking School in the UK. This knife is quality through and through and is a joy to hold.
It includes a variety of equipment, attachments, (background orange bandana not included) advice and techniques allowing the owner to practice the ancient art and science of tracking.
If you are serious about tracking, outdoor survival or are a collector of special knives, this is for you.
Exacting quality and top quality craftsmanship are the only words to describe this fabulous knife.
For those who want to stand out from the crowd!

Product Specifications

* Overall Length: 27.1cm
* Blade Length: 15 cm
* Blade Material: AISI 1055 BS EN9 Steel
* Blade Thickness: 4.5 cm
* Blade Colour: Satin
* Handle Material: Micarta
* Handle Colour: Green
* Pouch: Nylon
* Pouch Colour: Black
* Weight: 455 g
* Hardened 54 Rockwell
* ID Number: Each Pro - Tracker tool bears a unique
individual National Tracking School Number which
is embossed onto the blade.


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