Personal Alarm Black 2579

Personal Alarm Black 2579 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

The Sabre Personal Alarm is a great little device to deter attackers and alert others of distress or danger. This keychain alarm has a 110 dB Siren that would scare anyone off. Audible up to 300 feet it easily attaches to bags, key chains or purses for easy access. Batteries are included. It comes in black and features a dual siren design with two sirens sounding at different frequencies. The dual sirens oscillate to maximize attention. The compact design allows the personal alarm to be carried discreetly. Especially in these days more than ever you need to be prepared , so take the personal alarm with you wherever you go. It is recommended that the Personal Alarm be carried when walking alone, entering buildings, car parks, hallways, ally ways, elevators, etc.
A great gift to give to someone you love and care about. This can literally, save your life!


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