The Pocket Guide To Prepping Supplies 3109

The Pocket Guide To Prepping Supplies 3109 | Survival Supplies Australia

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This vital book contains more than 200 items you can't be without in a survival situation. Presented in a compact format this is an invaluable resource to have and know that can keep you alive.
This book includes the help you need to get through when the grid goes down. Its more than just food and water that will be needed to get you through the crisis. Many people know what they need to survive a doomsday scenario. They stock high-calorie foods and clean water, they find their own sources of power and heat, and they prepare to defend themselves, if need be. With all that they have stored, they have the ability to survive for days, weeks, and even months.
You may think you have finished preparing once you have accumulated these basic necessities, but there is always more that can be done. In the Pocket Guide to Prepping Supplies. Patty Hahne offers up 235 oft-forgotten items that may prove to be indispensable for surviving a serious event. This book gives you some insightful tips that are often overlooked in most other books, guides, and manuals.


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