Preparing To Survive SAS and Elite Forces Guide 2636

Preparing To Survive SAS and Elite Forces Guide 2636 | Survival Supplies Australia

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SAS and Elite Forces Guide: Preparing To Survive teaches you how to be ready and ensure that when disaster strikes, you can manage the crisis effectively and live.
The guide covers every eventuality including: securing your home; installing a power supply; digging a bunker; stockpiling food and survival cooking; finding water outdoors; using your car as a mobile base; hunting, fishing; foraging; identifying threats; making your own weapons; preparing for severe weather; emergency first aid; and coping with viruses and diseases plus much more.
Written in easy to understand steps and accompanied with more than 150 illustrations. Presented in a compact pocketbook format that you can carry with you. It could be the difference between surviving or not.
Completely thorough and a very worthwhile reference guide.


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