The Preppers Pocket Guide 3112

The Preppers Pocket Guide 3112 | Survival Supplies Australia

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As thousands of people face life-threatening emergencies each year, this handy and helpful book shows readers how easy it is to prepare their home and family for any disaster. By breaking down the many facets of prepping into straightforward steps, this book transforms the seemingly daunting task into easy -to-do, manageable projects. The authors unique survival insights teaches readers to dedicate very little time, money, or space, but provides a big payoff - being fully prepared and self-sufficient.
Simple projects such as creating storage for food in small living spaces, assembling inexpensive first aid supplies, and establishing a disaster plan for the entire family address everything needed to survive and thrive in any situation. No matter what your budget is or current living situation. It simple and no nonsense approach makes this a valuable asset of knowledge to have and practice.


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