Primitive Hand Drill Friction Fire Set 2647

Primitive Hand Drill  Friction Fire Set 2647 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

Making a Fire the primitive way out of basic natural materials can be rewarding, challenging and satisfying.
It is something once accomplished can be addictive and a life skill that is priceless!
This Primitive Hand Drill Friction Fire Set is handmade by an Australian Primitive Fire Making Specialist who has developed his expert skills over time with countless years of experience.
This kit gives you all you need along with very detailed instructions and colour pictures demonstrating how you too can make a successful fire the primitive way!
All you need to learn a wonderful ancient bush skill!

Hand Drill Kit Contents

* Hand Drill Spindle
* 2 x Base Boards
* Stone Cutting Tool
* Tinder Bundle
* Extra Tinder
* Complete Set of Instructions with Colour Photos


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