Primitive Technology a Book of Earth Skills 2646

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This huge 11 inch x 8 1/2 inches contains 248 pages of invaluable information along with hundreds of pictures and drawings to show you how our primitive ancestors thrived in the wilderness. These are skills that are all but lost today and are known to only a small part of the world population.

If you ever longed to return to a past where humanity's greatest concern was survival, when our hands created life's necessities, when the land's raw provisions were the materials with which we needed to create warmth, shelter, food and tools. A time before we lost our bond with the wilderness. This book helps to build a bridge between our ancient past and our modern lives.

The book has comprehensive chapters written on:
* Primitive Technology
* Fire
* Bone, Stone and Wood - Basic Elements
* Fibers - Holding the World Together
* Projectiles - Power From the Human Hand
* Art and Music - Discipline and Meaning
* and more

If you have a hunger to learn from our past, this is the book for you.


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