RUK-16 Rural Urban Kit 2745

RUK-16 Rural Urban Kit 2745 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

You just never know when your going to be off the grid and alone. The RUK-16 can get you through a number of sticky situations.
The primary tool in the kit is the well designed Latitude N 43 (a highly utilizable, user friendly, small fixed blade knife. The blade's design affords the options of cutting, scraping, splitting, and puncturing. It can be used for a small spear tip or even light batoning or as a scraper for a ferro rod.

A genuine suede leather pouch holds all the tools in a compact and accessible way. The RUK can be worn around the neck, clipped on a belt or attached to a pack.

The kit is definitely user friendly and suitable.
It's uses are applicable for hunters, backpackers, Preppers, SAR, or even weekend explorers.

Kit Contents

* 1 x Leather Suede Pouch
* 1 x Latitude North 43 Knife
* 1 x Tops Survival Saw
* 1 x Steel Snap Link 3/16 inch Diameter
* 1 x Sail Needle
* 1 x P-38 Can Opener
* 1 x Liquid Filled Button Compass
* 1 x Fresnel Lens
* 1 x Ferro Rod
* 1 x Signal Whistle (126 Decibel)
* 1 x HD Acrylic Signal Mirror
* 1 x ID Card
* 2 x Fishing Hooks
* 25 ft. Fishing Line
* 3 ft. Para Cord


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