SAS and Elite Forces Unarmed Combat 2762

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Hand to Hand fighting skills from the world's most elite military units. Detailed illustrations and concise instructions explain easy to follow moves and techniques.
Self defence techniques are useful for both military personnel and in everyday situations. Written for the non-expert, The SAS and Elite Forces Guide to Unarmed Combat explains how to deal with unexpected assaults, whether you are in the home, enjoying a night out or just walking along the street or in a park. With the help of clear illustrations and precise text, the book explains how to handle sudden assaults, escalating confrontations and pre-meditated attack, whether by armed or unarmed assailants. The book contains sections on how to de-escalate a confrontation, how to win without fighting, training and preparation, striking methods, locks and controls, strangles and chokes, throws and deflections, dealing with grabs, kicks and punches, defeating edged weapons, defeating firearms, fighting on the ground, defending against a group attack and fighting with improvised weapons. Written by an expert self defence instructor, this book will prepare you for an unexpected attack.


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