Sawyer 2 Litre Pouch 2903

Sawyer 2 Litre Pouch 2903 | Survival Supplies Australia

Sawyer 2 Litre Pouch 2903 | Survival Supplies Australia

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The Sawyer SP114 Squeeze Water Filter Bottle 2 Pack is a two pack of replacement pouches for the Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System. These Sawyer pouches have a two liter capacity for holding water and can easily be filled in any lake or river, and under a faucet. The Sawyer SP114 attaches to the Sawyer filter to purify the drinking water. These pouches are able to be collapsed and rolled up for portability.

survival supplies australa

* Durable, lightweight, and collapsible
* Attaches directly to Sawyer squeeze filter


* wo 64 oz. pouches

Is compatible with:
* SP128 - Sawyer mini water filter
* SP129 - Sawyer squeeze filter system
* SP131 - Sawyer squeeze filter system

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