School Security Emergency Preparedness 4130

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A vital all-in-one resource for keeping students safe.
This book gives educators practical, cost-effective school safety strategies that come from credible sources and can be implemented quickly. As concern for school safety continues to escalate, the need for heightened school security has never been more urgent.
Author Kenneth S. Trump has dedicated his career to making schools safer, and he delivers solutions in a concise and straightforward manner. The book begins with an overview of school security and the politics surrounding it, then provides nuts-and-bolts strategies for preventing violence and preparing for crises. The text covers today's hot topics such as:
* Bullying, cyber bullying, and harassment
* After-school, transportation, and athletic event security
* Managing media and parent communications on safety and crises
* Practical, cost-effective security and preparedness within tights budgets

Although school security can be an emotionally charged subject, this book stresses the importance of collecting data and acting rationally. Included are ideas for working with community leaders, police, parents, businesses, and political officials to improve school and community safety and security. The author's companion website keeps readers current with breaking news, free resources, and interactive dialogue on the latest developments in the school safety field.


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