Photon Scorpion Finding LED Light 2592

Photon Scorpion Finding LED Light 2592 | Survival Supplies Australia

Photon Scorpion Finding LED Light 2592 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description
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The special purpose for the Freedom Scorpion Finder is to be able to find and detect Scorpions. Find them before they find you! Scorpions fluoresce and are detectable with this light.Whether you want to find or avoid Scorpions, this great light will enable you to spot them up to 8 feet away.
The Freedom Scorpion finder is made in the USA and is a quality product.

Product Specifications
survival supplies australa

* Smart Circuit Freedom Technology, one button does it all electronic, instant full power On/Off at any time.
* Full range adjustable brightness
* 5 Safety Modes: slow, medium, and fast strobe, fast strobe, SOS and Morse Code
* Replaceable Lithium Battery
* Unbreakable high intensity LED
* 24 K gold plated contacts
* Spotlight scorpions for up to 8 feet away
* Ultra tough case
* Water resistant
* Quick release ring
* Interactive packaging
* Approx. Weight: 9.6g (.34oz.)
* Approx. Dimensions: width 24mm, length 40mm
* lithium battery operating temperature range: -40degrees C
(-40degF to +140degF)
* Free Bonus: Photon clip and necklace are included. The positionable hands free clip attaches easily to bags or hats, shining light where you need it. It also has strong magnets to attach the light to most metal items.


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