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Trained by the U.S. Navy to become one of the world's most elite soldiers, former Navy Seal Platoon Commander/Sniper and Senior Seal Instructor Cade Courtley presents his Seal Survival Guide as a way to give readers the tools to live with confidence and security in an increasingly dangerous world. With insight into how to think and act like a Seal, and step-by-step instructions for dealing with anything from earthquakes to terrorist attacks to mall shootings, this is the authoritative guide to overcoming life-threatening situations from this preeminent American survivalist. Delivered in a user friendly fashion and with a voice that is both relatable and backed by extensive experience, Seal Survival Guide is a manual that no modern household should be without. Covers tough subjects such as:
Improvised Weapons from everyday items, Pack a go Bag, Escape Mass Shootings, Treat Injuries at the Scene, Subdue a Hijacker, Survive Extreme Climates, Travel Safely Abroad, Defend Against Animal Attacks, Survive Pandemics and much more. Covers many situations that anyone can be found in and yet are not covered in other survival books. Worth reading, understanding and learning!


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