Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties 4125

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This is a wonderful and comprehensive guide to building shelters and other primitive structures to protect you from the elements. No professional Architects needed here. Over 300 illustrations and easy to follow guidelines enables campers to create such lodgings as half-cave shelters, beaver mat huts, birch bark shacks, over-water camps, a Navajo Hogan, and a pole house, just to mention a few. Additional chapters provide information on how to use an axe, split and notch logs, make a fireplace, and even build appropriate gateways to log houses, game preserves, ranches and other open areas. Learn how to build just about anything from a bark tepee and a tree-top house to a log cabin and a sod house. Using an axe is more important than possessing carpentry skills when it comes to this book. Written by one of the Founders of the Boy Scouts of America, this book is one stockpile of valuable information and well worth having and learning about. Essential knowledge for every outdoor enthusiast.


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