What to do When the Shit Hits the Fan 3312

What to do When the Shit Hits the Fan 3312 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Are you prepared to deal with an emergency like a Terrorist Attack, Civil Unrest, Essential Major Technology Failure, Bushfire, Flood, Earthquake, Cyclone etc.? This book will help you handle any such event and equip you with knowledge that can save you and your family. You can't prevent most things from happening but you can be equipped and prepared to survive . This book is updated and addresses the full range of disasters that can turn an ordinary day into a fight for survival. Advice is offered on alarms, insurance and preparing a disaster kit, planning for evacuation, communication, emergency food handling, first aid and much more. With real world considerations and solutions you are given a step by step approach of how to react, that can literally save you and your family in a time of crises. A well thought out and clearly written book.


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